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Elka a a sleeping giant in the Australian Plush Toy market. They have been around for decades and are highly respected in the local Australian market.

It's not only the great plush toys that Elka have it's also the ethos of the company.

Elka have fantastic and fun toys such as a range of unicorns, “fantasy” turtles as well as lots of cats, dogs and other plush toys such as teddy bears, frogs, lions and much more.

One of the things we like about Elka is that they publish for all to see their ethics statement so when you purchase an Elka plush toy you can be certain that Elka as a company have worked to minimise environmental impacts by operating in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible, they use clean recycled stuffing in their plush toys, have an “Ethical Labour Code of Conduct” for the factories in which their plush toys are made. So when you buy an Elka plush toy you can be confident that the actual people who worked and made it paid decent wages and conditions, high standards of health and hygiene and no child labour. In Australia we take all of this for granted but Elka actually focuses on these aspects for its overseas operations.

It should be no surprise that Elka regularly donate and provide products to help raise funds for charities and numerous hospitals.  They also support efforts to improve conditions for people, animals and the planet Earth.

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